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USA Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics is one of those places that we discovered by accident.  We went to a few of their open gyms with a friend and the kids loved it!  We did trial classes only because they were free and that was when we met Coach Suzie.  She was patient, encouraging, and understanding with my toddler […]

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Cherish Every Day

I first met my friend MaryAnn when I saw her with her camera at my son Jack’s preschool.  I can spot a professional DSLR from a mile away and I never pass up the opportunity to meet other photographers.  So I went up to talk to her and that was the beginning of our friendship. […]

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Young and In Love!

Here is LaTiffaney again and her “Australian Love” Jack.  Photographing a couple like this is a rare opportunity.  They are poor college students, they have only been together for 8 months, and they live on opposite sides of the globe.  In the past 4 months they have spent a total of 10 days together.  Jack […]

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