Sea Snakes

The Incident
It started out with us going to one of the only places with anything lush and green in the Arizona desert in July.  Of course my boys can’t handle being near water without going at least up to their waist in it, so that’s what they did.  The waded, explored, and then suddenly Ethan yelled, “A seasnake!!  Mommy, I stepped on a seasnake!!”  He described it at black and white and maybe a few feet long and later added that it tried to bite him.  Jack came to help and the two of them spent the last 20 minutes of their adventure searching for it to no avail.









The Preparation

Now Jack (the little one) is always thinking about other people but Ethan sometimes forgets, so when he does think of other people, we do everything we can to encourage it.  After talking about the seasnake, calling Grammy to tell her, and telling just about anyone who would listen, Ethan came up with an idea.  “Why don’t we put up signs to tell people to be careful that there is a seasnake in the yucky swamp”.  I hesitated for a split second and then said  “Ok!”
So when our cousin Alexandra was visiting, they all made signs to put up to warn others of the looming dangers of the sea snake.  Its a good thing that Ethan is such a great artist, because he was able to draw pictures of EXACTLY what it looked like.  Aside from Ethan calling Jack a stupid but, which was in response to Jack calling him a mean frog, all went well in the making of the signs!








The Hard Work

On the way to put them up, we had a talk about an important and dangerous tool called the hammer. And because they were so careful with dangerous tools, they got to take turns using it.  I just loved how they helped each other, when they are away from me I hear about what great friends they are, but at home I don’t always get to witness it, so I was extra excited that I brought my camera with me!  Of course it was super hot out, and approaching bedtime to we did have one meltdown from Jack, but what’s a fun outing without a few tears?  We haven’t been back to that spot since and I would assume the signs are gone by now, but I think we all hoped that others who stopped to look would appreciate them . . .















Caroline Martin - February 3, 2012 - 7:59 am

What an awesome memory for you to have documented! Love this!

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