The Twins are born!


The twins are finally here!  Not that we wanted them to arrive early, we all just couldn’t wait to meet them.

Weighing in at 4lbs 9oz and 5lbs. 9 oz.  Meet Emily Elizabeth and Amanda Kyle!



I am not surprized at how cute they are, that they both have the same gorgeous blue eyes as their big sister Macy, or that they are healthy as horses, petite horses that is!  But this is what struck me about the twins.  They are so emotionally connected!  When one moves the other moves, when one wakes up to eat the other does, they even poop at the same time!  They spend most of their time together, but Erin says they do the same thing whether they are right next to each other or in separate rooms.  I always thought it must be hard having twins in the sense that a newborn needs EVERYTHING from its mom, even more than a single person can provide.  So a mother of twins is left with having to divide herself between two babies and only being able to give half of what each needs.  After being around Emily and Amanda, my whole view changed.  They were so connected and so comforted by each other.  I actually ended up feeling bad for singletons who when born leaves all the comforts of its old home behind.  Emily and Amanda, what lucky little girls you are to have each other.  I hope you always have that special connection that I will never fully understand!




A few of Emily



And a few of Amanda


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