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A Match Made in Heaven

It all started back in 1993 when Kourtney was 15 and Michael was 16.  It went something like this: On the phone at 9:30pm at night, “studying” of course: Kourtney:  “Michael do you like Meghan, because I heard she likes you” Michael:  “No, I like someone else” Kourtney: “Who?” Michael: “I’m not telling, who do […]

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Pregnant With Twins Continued

In these pictures Erin was 35 weeks.  There were times that I would call her and leave a message only to get a callback an hour or so later with Erin on the line saying, “I heard the phone ring . . . and thought it might be you . . .but I couldn’t get […]

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Expecting Twins!

    Ok, here’s my VERY first blog post.  So I chose someone special to blog about – my good friend Erin who is pregnant with twins!  Doesn’t she look beautiful!!  Well she is equally as nice! Which is a good thing, because who likes a gorgeous mean girl?!  Believe it or not she is under […]

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