Cherish Every Day

I first met my friend MaryAnn when I saw her with her camera at my son Jack’s preschool.  I can spot a professional DSLR from a mile away and I never pass up the opportunity to meet other photographers.  So I went up to talk to her and that was the beginning of our friendship.  To quote MaryAnn, she says, “To me life is about celebrating the moments inbetween . . . the moments that tell the story of our everyday lives.”  This is something MaryAnn truly strives to live by.  To read more about her life, her family and the simple things that inspire her, see her blog –



Young and In Love!

Here is LaTiffaney again and her “Australian Love” Jack.  Photographing a couple like this is a rare opportunity.  They are poor college students, they have only been together for 8 months, and they live on opposite sides of the globe.  In the past 4 months they have spent a total of 10 days together.  Jack spent every last dime he made from his part time job to pay his own way to see his american girl!  Statistically speaking the odds are all against them, but they are as young and madly in love as two human being can possibly be!  So withTom Petty’s “American Girl” and “A Land Down Under” by that Australian group whose name I can’t remember playing simutaneously in my mind, I leave you with just a few of the moments captured of love and bliss from their session . . .



Macy’s Twin Sisters Turn 7 Months!



Twins Emily and Amanda just turned seven months!  They are two happy babies that are starting to crawl, very good at yelling, and are slowly getting into everything!  Mom and Dad say they are cherishing every minute of it!  So, Big Sister Macy, how do you feel about your sisters??




Rainbow People Mover!



LaTiffaney College Senior



LaTiffaney is one of the girls next door, see last post on her and her sisters here.  She is graduating from Northern Arizona University this May with a degree in journalism and is then headed off to Portland, Oregon for her first real job!  Like her mom, LaTiffaney is intelligent, motivated, works hard, and keeps a packed schedule.  But she also knows how to stop and smell the roses and have fun.  And did I mention how nice she is?  Let me take this moment to say that if I don’t find a person to be exceptional on the inside, then you will never seen them featured here on my blog.  From everything I know about LaTiffaney, her outward beauty is just a reflection of the kind of person she is on the inside.







Alexis is my friend Angela’s oldest of four children.  There is a 7 year gap between Alexis and the next oldest sibling.  While the rest of us were partying and living carefree lives in our early 20’s, Angela was working a full time job while raising this little girl.  She told me she would be lying if she said that it wasn’t hard.  But she always called Alexis “Her Precious Gem”.  She was more than happy to leave the old life behind to become Alexis’s mom.  And 18 years later her hard work has paid off.  Alexis is beautiful on the outside, but don’t be quick to judge her for that.  She is also a humble kind person on the inside who loves God, her Mom and Dad, her little sister Jessica, and little brothers Nathaniel and Zachery with all of her heart.

Alexis is a perfectionist and not a big fan of the dirt.  She has been that way her whole life.  Her mom Angela tells me stories about her including that she potty trained herself at 18 months because she coudln’t stand the whole diaper thing.  So thank you Alexis for trusting me and getting dressed up in heals and hiking through the desert for some senior pics.  Hope it was worth it for you!:-)

I asked Alexis to bring something that was sentimental to her to our session.  The cross is a gift from her late Uncle and the stuffed animal is a gift she received from her mom the day she started college.  She says they both give her strength and inspiration.  Her mom told me she chose the stuffed animal  as a reminder to herself that no matter how old Alexis is she will always be her little girl . . .